Crochet Cash Register – a gift for a 3 year old

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I bought a great book about crocheting food and kitchen accessories. It’s “Spiel mit in meiner Häkelküche” (it means: play with me in my kitchen) by Lucia Förthmann (

cash register

From the day my little girl saw it, she kept asking, if I could make her a cash register.

The other day she said to me: “Mum, please, please, I’ll be sitting calmly all day, so you can make it”. Of course, if you know any 3-yeard-olds, you know for sure, that they forgot such promisses 3 minutes later ;).

crochet cash register

crochet cash register for Gabi


To be honest, I was hoping that she would ask for something smaller ;))) but I was happy to crochet it for her.

crochet cash register for 3 years old girl


And I think that it was all worth the effort!
She took the present very carefully, unwraped it and stared at it for a moment (a very long moment that made me think that maybe it wasn’t a good idea and she doesn’t like it) – and then she looked at me and asked me happyli “What do you want to buy???”

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